So today I’m going to share with you some dupes that I have found for expensive products.

 A product not just for being expensive means that is going to be good ,so today I’m going to show you drugstore products that are better than expensive ones and I hope this save some money of your pocket . 

If you have any of these products tell me in the comments if you like it or not and why and doing this we can help another people ,so yeah ,let’s get started:


So the first dupe are the maybelline lipies to the m.a.c ones. I enjoy more the formula of the maybelline ones cause they are super creamy and very thin in the lips. The m.a.c ones are not bad it’s just that you can save a lot of money buying the maybelline ones.

I have a satin m.a.c one that dries my lips a little bit and a mat maybelline one that hydrates my lips, so there’s the difference . And I’m not saying that the m.a.c ones are bad , you can buy them if you want cause they are good but the maybelline ones are a little bit better.(I’m sorry for saying all the time maybelline and m.a.c ones😂)


Then I have another maybelline product vs a nars product . Nars is very expensive and I think not everyone can afford it , so if you don’t want to buy the nars one you can buy the maybelline one wich is only 5$.

And don’t get me wrong the nars one is one of my favourites so if you want that one you can buy it cause it’s good BUT the maybelline one is just so thin in the skin and so creamy that makes me love it ,and  for the price I think is a must have for everyone. And when I wear the maybelline one my skin look like if it was photoshopped so yeah BUY IT.


And the last dupe is any shadow of the maybelline color tattoo vs any high end shadow. I love my high end shadows but the maybelline ones are 😍, my favourite is the pink gold one . They are super creamy , they stay in the lid all day and you can use them as eyeliner too and I use them one day as metallic lipstick so yeah .


And now I realise that all the dupes are maybelline but anyways , I hope you really enjoy the post and please buy these products cause they are so good .


Many kissehhhhhhs

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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