So today we are going to talk  everything about highlighters, my favourites , some tipes , dupes ….

And if you want more posts like this but about any other thing like concealers or other stuff tell me in the comments, so let’s get started:


There are 3 tipes: powder , cream and liquid.



This are the more usual highlighters. I really like them BUT if you put a lot of these and the product it’s not good it can make your face look caky.



This is my favourite cause you can put it without wearing foundation and it’s going to look beautiful . It looks very natural but still pretty.



This is so similar to the cream one. It’s very natural it’s very comfortable to wear and it looks very pretty BUT this is not as long wearing as the cream one.

            MY FAVOURITES:


       The too faced candlelight highlighter.


        The benefit watt’s up.


               The benefit high beam.


 I know that not everyone can spend a lot of money on makeup so here I’m going to leave some dupes for high-end highlights.

    Too faced candelight glow 〰 Essence Pure nude Highlighter 

    Benefit High beam〰Maybelline Master strobing liquid 

    Benefit watt’s up〰Sparkling Sands Sonia Kashuk


Sooo that was all ! I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for reading, I see you in the next post , byeeeeee!

Manyyyy kissehhhhhhs

Laradesconecta xx🎀


5 thoughts on “💫HIGHLIGHTERS💫|Favourites,Tipes,Dupes….

    • I blend it with my fingers and then sometimes I use the beauty blender , on me looks right , it could be the highlight not the beauty blender, Try to use it with other highlights.XO❤️️❤️️

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