So today I’m going to share with you what’s in my makeup bag , I did this a few months ago but now I have change like everything I had in that post so I’m going to update it. 

So I hope you enjoy it and lets start:

My bag is from women secret and I loove it.

Then I have this two palettes , one is by too faced and the other one by Kat Von d. I really like and really recommend this palettes . I think the too faced one is not available any more ,but every year they come with a palette like this so you can buy a very similar one next year ,if you are interested.

Then I have 2 primers from too faced , my favourite is the shadow insurance because I have very oily eyelids and it works very good for me. Then I have a concealer, a cream highlighter and translucent powder.

Then I have a make up for ever primer that I don’t really like because is so silicone ,so I’m not going to buy it any more. Then my favourite products :benetint , high beam and posie tint. And some benefit blushes.

Then a too faced lipstick that smells like chocolate milkshake. The Benebalm which gives color but doesn’t give hydration . The hoola bronzer which I love and a too faced highlight and “bronzer”( it’s so glittery!)

Some glosses , a mascara and a toothbrush that I use when I have a black spot .

More lipsticks , mascara ( which is my favourite),  a maybeline shadow and an eyeliner.

And for finish a beauty blender and a purple thing that I use to clean my brushes.

I forgot to mention my brushes, the mayority of them are by real techniques .

So I hope you enjoy it and I see you in my next post.


Many kissehhhhhsss

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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