So it’s already Xmas and everybody is decorating their room and house and all that stuff. So I thought of giving you some ideas showing my Xmas decoration . In this post I’m going to put photos of my house and tell you how to do it so ,it’s kind of a DIY. It’s so easy with things that we have in our house so yeah.So I hope you enjoy it and let’s start:

The first thing we done was putting this kind of snowmans in the doors and it looks so pretty , you can put whatever you have.❄️

Then in the tables we put red candles in this type of “dishes” . And then we put candys around the candles.❄️

Then we put this kind of snowmans and santas everywhere.❄️

Then we put this little tree and obviously the classic tree that we all put in Xmas, but I forgot to take a picture of it so imagine it:) but imagine it pretty okey❄️

The classic advent calendar ❄️


More candles:)

Then they done this giant calendar . It has 24 days and each day you open a bag with a present. It’s so cool and you only need bags and a rope.

Soo that’s alll! I hope you like it and I see you in the next post,bye!

Many kissehhhhs

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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