❄️My letter to Santa Claus❄️- Lara


Merry Christmas!!⛄️

Soo today I’m going to share with you my wishlist for Santa Claus 🎅, I hope you like it and tell me in the comments what’s your wishlist, byee:

1. So the first thing is new socks , because yes I’m that person who loses all his socks.

2. The second thing is pillows for my bed because I’m decorating it.

3. The third thing is a gap jacket because I think they’re pretty and I like them.

4.Food , because , who don’t likes food?

5. Some notebooks for school.

6. Something that I know he’s not going to bring me but I tried. A MacBook 💻 

7. The makeup for ever translucent powder.

8. The xmas collection of too faced.

9. Something that I not remember.

So that’s all , byeeee. 

And remember to tell me your letters in the comments


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