💫My Basic Makeup Kit💫~ Lara 


So today I’m going to share with you my makeup basics kit ( like a makeup kit for survive ). I have done one recently that is called my makeup basics and it’s very similar to this but in this I have different products and less , so let’s start:
So first this is my makeup bag ( it has change) it’s from women’s secret .

Then in the box of a kit of benefit I have all the face stuf . The they’re real tinted primer, NARS concealer , hangover primer , Benetint , Sephora liquid liner and high beam .

The chocolate bar , because it has all the neutrals .

And some lipsticks , the Mac viva glam 2 and the hoola gloss.

And for finish basic brushes . The beauty blender for the face and 3 brushes for eyes.

And that’s all!  I hope you like it , if you have any of these things please tell me it in the comments and I see you in the next post. Bye!!

Many kissehhhhs 

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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