Soo today I’m going to share with you my top 5 lipsticks. All are nude because I think that they’re the most wearable and the most beautiful. Some are low-end and some high-end but all are super good , so I hope you enjoy it and let’s start with the top 5:


Ok so first I have the kylie Jenner lip kit in the shade candy k. I know , this are difficult to find but lately I have seen them in the kyliecosmetics.com web so yeah . They’re 29$ but they come with a lip liner and the lipstick . It’s a liquid lipstick that dry in matte. I really recommend it.


Then I have the Mac viva glam 2, it’s a satin nude lipstick and you can find it in any Mac store. It is 20$. And I love the shade and the texture .


Then I have the Kat Bon d liquid lipstick  in the shade lovesick. This are like the kylie Jenner lipsticks but i prefer the kylie ones because this is good but when you eat it goes and the kylie don’t . But i recommend it if you are not going to eat 🙂 . Ah! And the are 20$. 


Then I have the colourpop ones and they’re just gorgeous. They’re a dupe for the kylie ones and for a half of the price . My favorite shade is lumiére 2 and they re 6$.


And for finish I have the nyx liquid swede ones , and I think that these are very good too. They have a lot of shades and they’re only 7$ . Love them! Ah and they’re the liquid that dry in matte. And they stay in your lips many hours soo super recommended . 


And that’s all! I hope you enjoy it and if you have any of these lipsticks give me your opinion down in the comments , bye!!!

Many kissehhhhhs!!

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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