📚Back to school Makeup💄~ lara 


Many of you have started school ,so today I bring you a very natural makeup that is hardly noticed but that makes the difference. I know that many schools cannot be makeup, so this way you can wear make-up unless you discover. It is very simple and with a few products, so let’s start:

So first I’m going to apply concealer with a sponge , it’s very important to apply it with a sponge because it’ll look more natural.

Then I’m going to apply the blush . I’m using a tint but you can use whatever. A tip is that you can create your own tint.

And for finish we are going to apply a brown shadow or a bronzer in the corner of the eye and blend it with a brush. For eyelashes I’m going to use a brown mascara because it separate your lashes but it looks natural. 

That’s how the brown mascara looks.


And that’s all! I hope you enjoy it , I hope you’ll use It and I see you in the next post , bye!

Many kissseeehhhs 

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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