💥Bronzed Makeup💥~ lara 


So today I’m going to share with you a beautiful bronzed makeup that I have used so much and I think that it will look good in  all type of skins so let’s get started.

Okey , so for my face I’m going to use the Benetint as blush , the hoola as bronzer and the watts up! for highlighter. Ah and I haven’t pictured this but I’m going to use the NARS radiant creamy concealer with the beauty blender for dark circles and imperfections.

For eyes I’m going to take all the shades that are marked in the chocolate bar and put them on the corner of my eye and blend it . Then I’m going to take a glittery shade and put it in my lacrimal and with a black shade or with a liquid eyeliner I’m going to do my eyeliner.

And for finish I’m going to put the they’re real! on my lashes and the hoola gloss on my lips. 



And that’s all. It’s very easy to do and is not necessary to use the same makeup , you can use another brand or what you have , and I hope you enjoy it and I see you in the next post.


Many kissehhhhhs

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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