🎂My Birthday Presents 🎂~ lara 


Hello everybody! Soo today I’m going to share with you my birthday presents , I think that is gonna be a part 2 but whatever, let’s get started with the first:

So first I had this agenda of mr.wonderful , which is so beautiful and i love it and I’m going to use it so much.

Then I got this two benefit kits, I had the hoola one and the sugarlicius one. They are gorgeous and if you want a review of them tell me it in the comments.

Then I got the too faced chocolate bar that is so cute and it smells and taste like chocolate!( yes , I have try it) It has a beautiful shades and if you want a review of this tell me it too.

So then I got the they’re real !primer and this mascara is so cool because it’s like the they’re real ! but in brown . And it looks like they’re your natural lashes but they’re super long and curved. ( how many times I’ve said “they’re “?)

Then I got the hangover primer and I haven’t try it but people said that its so good so yeah.

And for finish the first part I had the Kat Bon d liquid lipstick in the shade lovesick and a lipstick of beauty by someone.

Aaandd that’s all I hope you enjoy it and I see you in the next post!!

Many kissehhhs!
Laradesconecta xx🎀


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