Soo today I’m going to share with you my summer favorites. I don’t know if in your country is already summer( tell me it in the comments) , but in mine yes , so let’s start:


So my first favorite is a urban decay lipstick called “ex-girlfriend ” . I only have a sample but I will bough the full version.

⛱2⛱~ POOL.

So that’s not my pool ( I hope), but with this hot weather is necessary . 


So if you have dark blonde hair or light brown hair like me , you will probably need this . This shampoo rinse your hair .  I think it’s cool for the summer , mine is of klorane but you can use anyone.


So I love this book , there are two , this is the second one but the two are amazing. Very recommended.


So this game is… I don’t know how to describe it . The game goes that you are a worm and you have to eat the others. It’s so good . Try it.


Soooo that’s all , I hope you enjoy it and I see you in the next post . 

Ahh and if you want any post in special tell me it in the comments.


Many kissehhhhssss!!

Laradesconecta xx🎀


Happyy summer !!⛱


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