Makeup hacks that will change your life~lara♥️



Soooo today I’m going to share with you some makeup hacks that can save your life.💄

I have done another post of  Life Hacks.( there’s the link if you want to read it )💥

There’s 4 tips or hacks that I have used and I liked so if you want to know them ,keep reading. Let’s get started:


This is for curl your lashes  , you only need your hairdryer and your eyelash curler. 

You have to warm up the eyelash curler (only a little) and use it , your lashes are going to look beautiful!.♥️


This is for your eyebrows, you only need your comb and some hairspray. 

Sometimes my eyebrows look bad and I don’t have a eyebrows gel so this works very good.

Put the hairspray on the comb and brush your eyebrows and that’s all!♥️


This is for clean your brushes , you need water ,olive oil and your plates detergent.

Put this on a container and mix it then introduce your brushes , and then wash them with water.

They look super cool♥️.


So this is for when we have grass skin( in the day) , you only need a serviette and translucent powder. 

Put on the serviette on your skin ( without moving away makeup) and then put the translucent powder on your skin. 

And that’s it ♥️.

Sooo that’s alll!! I hope you like it and I see you in the next post .


Many kisehhhhhssss

Laradesconecta xx🎀


19 thoughts on “Makeup hacks that will change your life~lara♥️

  1. If you’re looking for something good for your eyebrows the maybelline browdrama eyebrow mascara is really good😊 Hope this helped

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