💥My Makeup Basics💥|lara⚡️


Soo today I’m going to share with you my makeup basics. I’m not an expert with makeup but I have a idea of my basics so I’m going to share them with you. Sooo lets get started:


So of skin makeup I have 4 basics. First the base , it’s not obligatory but it works good with imperfections , then the concealer that , it has the same funtion of the base . Then the blush for a healthy color and the powders to finish the skin.

💥2. EYES: 

And for eyes I have four basics too. So primer is first because it’s the first basic, it makes that your shadows stay more time in your eyes , then the shadows , the mascara for more black and long lashes and the eyeliner.

💥Soo that’s all , that are my basics( And yours? Tell me it on the comments💝) . I hope you like it and I see you on Friday 💥


Many kissehhhhhhs

Laradesconecta xx🎀 



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