💥OUTFIT+Liebster Award!💥|lara⚡️



💥Soo today I’m going to share with you a very SPECIAL post because I’m nominated for the Liebster Award!.I don’t know if I can do it because it says that is for people with less than 200 followers(😁) but I think that is good for meet new blogs and new people so I’m gonna do it . And for do something different  I’m going to share an outfit too so let’s get started💥:


So I create a very simple outfit, but necessary. I choose things that all people have in their closets . I use a militar green jeans , a white long t-shirt and a gray jacket . I used a combination of textures that look so cool ,and that’s it, simple but cool right??


So thanks to  Lavendercee for nominating!! I’m going to answer only the questions that I found more interesting , so let’s get started:

1.What’s your favorite drugstore foundation?? 

I usually don’t use foundation but when I use one I use the Kiko CCcream💥.

2.Do you believe in ghosts??

I hadn’t see one so I think no but I respect the people who believes in💥.

3.What’s your favorite dessert??

All sweet💥.

4.What’s your greatest inspiration source??

I found my inspiration observating the things or people who’s in my environment💥.

5.Burgers or pizza??

Both 😂💥

So this it , I hope you like it and here I have my questions and the people who I have nominated:


1. What’s your favorite makeup palette??

2.Who’s  your idol ( celebrity, family..)??

3. Pink or red??

4. Matte or glitter things??

5.Meet your favorite blogger and have no more than 50 followers or have more than 10000 followers and don’t meet your favorite blogger??

6. What’s your favorite color??

I nominate:


Everything Adelaide


Sooo that’s all I hope you like it and I see you in the next post bye!!

Many kissehhhhhs

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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