Soo today I’m going to share with you my favorite apps. I’m not expert in apps but I like to share with you my favorites . There are 4 that are like my favorites favorites (?) and there are 1 that is a game . Soo lets get started:


So this is a little obviously but here I can read you comments and see your likes and write. I think that is the app that I more use.


Soo this is the funniest app in the world! I love it. You can do videos with music or voices of famous people . It’s very funny , sure that you have try it .


So here I edit all my photos, there are filters of all types and there are many types of texts and many stickers , it’s very complete and it’s free😏.

4.|RETRICA|💥 :


So here I do my photos and this app has many filters and many options so I recommend it to much.


So this is addictive. I love this app . When you try it you can’t stop playing.

Soooo that’s alll , I hope you like it and I see you the next Monday !Like if you like the same apps❤️


Many kisseeehhhhs 

Laradesconecta xx🎀



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