💥So today I’m going to do some different, I was thinking about what to write and I didn’t  found something interesting so I decide to invent a TAG . This TAG has 5 questions and they’re about (your) style ( BeautyStyle, FashionStyle..).Soo lets get started💥:


💥1. My 5 Essentials :

So my 5 essentials are a high waist jeans , a white t-shirt , a white sneakers( like the Nike Air Force) , a sweatshirt and a concealer ( like Maybeline FitMel).

💥2. I Can’t Live Without:

My high waist jeans , you can combine them with all , I love theem ❤️( like if you love them like me).

💥3. I’ll Like Dare To Wear:

The mom jeans , they look beautiful, and one day I will wear them( I’ll put a photo) 💗.

💥4. If I Could Describe My Style In A Few Words That Words Were:

Sporty & elegant.

💥5. I’m Addict To:

 Lovely Sweaters💕, they’re very lovelyyy.


Soo that’s all!! Did you like it?? I’m going to be dare to nominate people for this tag: 

💥. Hollysbeautythoughts


💥.Meg’s beauty room

You can tell me your essentials or what your addict to in the comments and if you want to do this TAG , do iitt 💗.


Many kisseeehhhhs

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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