💕Too Faced  VS Makeup Revolution💕(palette and blushes)❤️Lara🎀


Soo today I’m going to share with you a VS , Too Faced VS Makeup Revolution . It’s like a expensive style VS a cheap style. Both styles are very popular for his products and both are very pretty . I’m going to compare two products , some palettes and some blushes .(aahhh and)All the prices and some important information are in the description below.                    Soooo lets get started:


This is the expensive version of the chocolate bar , ( the original) the shadows are very good , it stands out the neutral tones and it smells like chocolatee!!!🍫(YUMMY). There are three palettes , 🍫the original chocolate bar®🍫, 🍫the semi-sweet chocolate bar ®🍫 and 🍫the chocolate bar Bon bons ®🍫.


 This is the cheap version . Of this style we have four types of palettes , that are a replica of all the chocolate bars palettes . We have the vanilla , the pink  and the two browns 🍫. I think that is a good palette to start in the makeup world and I recommend it.


So this is another expensive  version , I looove this blushes , the only wrong thing is the price .The heart design is so beautiful , what do you think??💕. The pigmentation is very good✔️.


This blushes are very good too and very cheap (😏) . The design is similar to the too faced design , the pigmentation is very good too and .. I love it💕.
Sooooo I hope you like it!! Byeee!!!

From now I’m going to post a post (¿?)(😂) all Monday’s.


Too faced:

Chocolate bar : 48$.    Blush: 30$

Makeup revolution:

Heart chocolate: 7’99$   Blush:  4’99$.

Manyyy kissehhhhs 

Laradesconecta xx🎀


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